LET YOURSELF BE | Coaching individuals, couples and organisations
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Let yourself be real, unique, true, honest… YOU



Let yourself be real, unique, true, honest… YOU

Whether you are an individual, a couple or an organisation, I offer a free session in order to get to know each other and see whether we can work together. LET YOURSELF BE YOU.


Let yourself be you. Explore who you are and become more authentic with the others


Let yourself be you in your relationship. Gain more intimacy in your relationship while still being yourself


Let yourself be you at work and feel accepted


I guide persons who have questions about their identity (Who am I? What do I like? Who do I like? How do I identify myself? How do I see or would I like to see myself? …).

I listen carefully and without any judgment. I confront with love (because we can say everything if it’s said with love).

I am here to help find options when we think we tried everything, and also to challenge present and future choices.

All emotions are welcome but, since I am rather mischievous, my kindly smile will never be very far.

As a result:

  • You are in control of your own choices again.
  • You become more assertive and express more easily your needs.
  • You learn to communicate more authentically with others.



I act as a mediator and ensure that a grievance can be expressed and well understood by the partner. The sessions can be an opportunity to explore how to improve the relationship so that each of the partners can blossom as an individual (1+1=3) and to elaborate a relationship contract.

As a result:

  • You are able to share more easily your desires, your needs, and your emotions with your partner.
  • The psychological games played between you are quicker identified, and can then be defused.
  • The communication between the partners become more authentic, which leads to a deeper intimacy in the relationship.




I offer workshops on identity at work: How can be myself at work? Is it safe to be myself at work?

If you want to know more about those workshops, let’s meet and explore the possibilities in your organisation.



My name is Bruno and here is my story

I have had three life-changing moments that really went straight to my heart. Actually, each time it rather felt for me like a connection or a re-connection between my emotions, my heart, my mind and my brains.

I have had a rather well-behaved and smooth life. My choices were often guided by others (close family or friends) or were taken based on what I thought was expected from me. I grew up with the family in the South of France and I quickly became a Cartesian being, like my father, who stimulated me tremendously intellectually, combining playfulness and solving puzzles. That led me naturally on a classic path: scientific studies, then discovering computer science at the university and finally a computer science career; which sharpened my ability to solve problems, giving them each time a new dimension. As sometimes it happens to some of us, I had to leave my protected environment firm located in Paris. My first job. So I was left to myself for the first time and responsible for my own choices. My first salaries allowed me to go on a trip. I chose Montreal. Far from everything, especially my loved ones, I was ready for what was going to be my first revelation. I met a man and I realized, at 30, that I liked men. I was gay. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel any repression or frustration until then. Yet it was obvious: the piece of jigsaw that I had never managed to place had found its proper place. What an euphoria that day!

Back in Paris, I ventured into the gay world that seemed so open and easy to access. I discovered myself, as a man and homosexual. I explored my identity and my new relationship to others: simple encounters to repeated ones until the search for something more stable.Through the internet, I met a Belgian. He invited me to join him in Brussels for a weekend. I had already experienced this type of invitations. I knew they usually led to nothing but a lot of fun and some disenchantment. It is therefore with a light heart and without any expectations that I responded positively to this invitation from Brussels! This weekend gave rise to another weekend, then another… Brussels, Paris, we traveled between our two countries for more than 6 months before I understood I had fallen in love. I was in love! My second revelation, a connection so strong with my emotions. I think that day, I flooded him with dozens and dozens of SMS to tell him that I loved him!

In less than a year, I left Paris to settle in Brussels. After seven years together, we got married. Fifteen years later, we are still together. Our adventure as a couple continues to build up despite the difficulties and the frictions. For both of us it was a first long-term relationship and we didn’t share the same mother tongue… I let you imagine the frictions… And still we are fifteen years older!

I am asked for my secret. There is no secret, just work. My husband had a first contact with Transactional Analysis, a humanistic therapy approach, and he suggested that we go together for an introductory weekend. I discovered a simple way to communicate that we could both use. This allowed us to identify recurring habits and behaviours that we had installed in our couple without even realizing it and that had served our relationship badly. We also learned to express our true needs and desires more easily.
While continuing my job as a computer consultant, this weekend allowed me to be more aware that I loved my job because it allowed me to meet to my need to be helpful. I also realized that I needed to connect with my colleagues. Not only to establish a professional relationship but also to know better the people I met. As a result, my focus gradually shifted from the machine to the human. From the development of services, I have evolved towards “working better together”.

My husband continued his learning path in Transactional Analysis. In three years of study, I could see his transformation and benefit from it. So I decided to follow the same path and, as I better understood who I was and what I needed to thrive, I changed.

My last revelation took place in Berlin during a conference weekend. There, I could listen to and meet many therapists and coaches. They shared with us their professional experience and the benefits they brought. My third epiphany was there: I felt that thirst for helping the people, I had always had. Once again a euphoria, again an obviousness, a need to change profession to make sense to my purpose. So I left the job of consultant to become a coach.

Today I help people who want to explore their identity and want to learn to accept themselves. I also help couples to communicate better, to express their needs and desires but also to understand how to work it out better together.



LET YOURSELF BE YOU. Tell me your story.

    Place Rouppe 18. Brussels